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"BlueDog" on the Board of Directors at Dogs For Peace

Greetings fellow canines, my name is Blue and I am honored to be on the Board of Directors at Dogs For Peace. We welcome your input and thoughts and hope to make this a worthwhile forum that adds to the amazing progress that we are making in our struggles.
. . peace must begin within self before there may be the activity or the application of self in such a manner as to bring peace in thy own household, in thine own heart, in thine own vicinity, in thine own state or nation.
~ Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-28

Peace Begins Within...
& Where Does it Take You?

When I think of WHERE Peace should be, the list goes on and on! It doesn't just stay put deep within us - it grows and goes, it moves our toes, it leads our nose! I can't help but admire those who find the Peace within and just charge like a banana truck! Bouncing down the road spilling their goodness left and right - feeding the world as their path weaves and turns.... Learning and sharing and truly living.... So, Peace begins within... yes? and maybe it has already begun, and now where are we going to let it go?

UCK - Not Politics!

Let's not taint Peace with Politics! That's what I used to think, but now I see that it is a powerful unavoidable force in our lives. Politics effects and is largely responsible for so much - the air that we breath, the water, the food, veterinary clinics, parks, sidewalks, and even fire hydrants! What about injecting politics with Peace? The beautiful thing is that we can do this, in so many ways. And even "small" steps in the right direction can feel good and can surprisingly change policy.


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