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Why Peace?

Peace is Natural
Like a juicy peach, peace is wholesome and real. Yes, some dogs try to argue that true "Dog Nature" is nothing but war and selfishness. But, fortunately on a conscious level many of us dogs know differently. We can see life as abundant and beautiful, and that our evolution and very existence actually requires generosity and compassion. From our Mother's care, to sharing our favorite chew toy.

Besides, if it is so natural for us to go to war, then why do governments have to impose the draft or the threaten objectors with prison? Hmmmm..

Give 'em the fingers and shout -
Peace You!

God Bless America?
1. To make holy by religious rite; sanctify.
2. To make the sign of the cross over so as to sanctify.
3. To invoke divine favor upon.
4. To honor as holy; glorify.
5. To confer well-being or prosperity on.
6. To endow, as with talent.

God Bless the WORLD!!!

Blue is seen here walking with Peace Pilgrim on one of her cross country pilgrimages for Peace. He developed great admiration for her during the several months that they spent together when their paths crossed. Peace Pilgrim has walked more than 25,000 miles on foot for Peace.
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Mahatma Gandhi in London 1931
embracing Blue.

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